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[Sticky] Voice Feminization - Do you start with vocal training or go straight for surgery?  


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29/11/2017 8:29 am  

We wanted to cover a common question on voice feminization; a large proportion of transgender girls decide to opt for initial vocal training and the rest decide to jump in with both feet and go for voice feminization surgery.

The question of what is right for you is something we want to discuss and in part comes down to finances for the feminization surgery and also the not knowing if vocal training and voice exercises can make the required difference to enable not being misgendered both on the phone and in person.

I often hear both the success and failure stories of transgender girls who have undertaken voice feminization surgery and it is not something that should be undertaken lightly, you should do lots of research on the available procedures, of which their are many, and just as important you should get a good referral to a clinic that you decide that will do the procedure.

This topic is an extension to our article titled '7 Transgender Voice Feminization MTF Coaching Tips', we had lots of good feedback about that article, but quite a few people wanted information on the topic of surgery, this prompted us to open this thread on our forum.

We will be adding research material and references to this topic in due course but please feel free to comment and add your experiences or relevant information that others may find useful.



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13/12/2017 11:18 am  

I have a little relevant point on that topic. The voice surgery requires training; there's a bit of that at the recovery clinic, but not everybody gets it right. It can be very challenging to convince the brain that it is this new voice, this new manner of speaking, that it should ear when you speak...
 So in the end, if you really want to change your voice there's going to be some training to do either way.


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