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What are the best or worst comments your friends have made to you about being trans?  


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01/07/2017 12:26 pm  

I want to start this topic about: What are the best or worst comments your friends have made to you about being trans?


My own reply: I have had mainly good comments from my valued friends there is however those people that are 'so called friends' I know have been nasty behind my back. I tend to get embarrassed if people say nice things about me and I react badly to nasty ones, I still have that 'Do you see me as women?' complex.


Please share your experiences on this post by pressing reply.

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I am a transgender woman, I transitioned back in 1995 and later had GCS (gender confirmation surgery), I think of myself as a woman and feel that family and friends treat me as such, I am a lucky gal. PM me for a chat if you want.

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01/07/2017 5:16 pm  

Basically had a friend whom rather misgendered and dead name me, so that's a bad one and also had a friend that said I was "trying to be a woman".

Maybe the best one was that i'm beautiful on the inside and out.

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20/09/2017 12:54 am  


   Being a transgendered woman,  and cross-dressing,  is something that is just a way of life for me now. Sure,  there are always people who are going to tease me about this,  but I really don't give a shit about their stupid,  hateful,  degrading comments.  These people are ignorant,  and intolerant,  and don't understand that this is who I am,  and if I choose to express my slutty side,    then,  this is what I am damn well going to do.  Of course,  my really close friends have been so supportive,  and so caring.


  I am what I am,  and I do not apologize for being a true transgendered woman.




Jayme Alexandria

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20/09/2017 1:08 pm  
  • Wow I would have never guessed! You're still a great person to me!
  • You're sick, should keep the fetishes for behind closed doors and don't get the whole world involved.
  • But, you're really just a girl! This is in your head!
  • Oh this is interesting. You're so courageous.
  • Me, I thought I was a boy all my childhood but I got over it.
  • I don't understand; you want to become a girl?
  • You know, your transformation isn't really up to point.
  • But I can still call you she right? And (deadname)?
  • It doesn't matter what gender you are, you're my friend. You could call yourself an helicopter and I'd still love you.


So to me, they're all bad to some level. From uninformed, ignorant, sometimes transphobic folks, because that's what our society is made of. Most of them don't really want to get informed either.

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10/10/2021 4:00 am  

I've had exactly the same thing said to me when I've come out to people but I have found that a lot of people are welcoming and accept me with open arms



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