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[Closed] Transgender Talk Needs You To Help Build Discussions - Create Your Topic Today  


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01/07/2017 11:45 am  

Please Help Build The Discussion By Creating a New Topic - Support Groups Forum


We would ask YOU TO HELP build the discussion in this support group forum, each forum needs contributors to start each discussion/thread and it is then much more likely that new members browsing the forum will subscribe and join in with your topic.

Please don't worry about being the first few people to start creating topics in the forum, we do very much need you, is is easier than you may think. Just click the 'Add Topic' button on this page and you will get a simple editor box where you fill out a few quick and easy items like title and description, simple or what?

So, if you want to discuss anything relating to worldwide or local community support groups, your advice on any or all related subjects will be appreciated by the other members.


You could think about posting support group topics such as: (Topic Ideas)

Has anyone else been to any support groups?

Is there any support group in my area?

How can I start a support group for transgender people?


I know that these are my 3 quick topic examples but why not ~START YOUR OWN~ topic right now 🙂


Tip: Navigate here and click 'Add Topic' button:

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I am a transgender woman, I transitioned back in 1995 and later had GCS (gender confirmation surgery), I think of myself as a woman and feel that family and friends treat me as such, I am a lucky gal. PM me for a chat if you want.


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