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They see what they want to see.  


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18/07/2017 8:36 pm  

This is another "Have you noticed..?" topic, this one about how random strangers respond to non-binary looks, whether it's a trans person in early transition or if it's the looks of a non-binary person.

It's really amazing to have been in that place when I started transitioning, and some post I saw earlier today on a social media made me think that for non-binary folks, this thing stays, probably a lifetime!

What I'm referring to, as the tittle points out; people see what they want to see. Sometimes they'll see female sometimes they'll see male. What's the most hilarious part is that they'll be 100% convinced that they're right, once they've picked a gender for you. And they will most likely not agree with the next stranger who will also be 100% sure of the gender they've picked for you, even if it's a different one.

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