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Moderator Mind-set and Role


A moderator plays a vital role in establishing the tenor of our forum and guiding its conduct. The duties of our moderators include facilitating introduction of participants in a forum, encouraging robust discussion of the forum’s agenda, maintaining order throughout the proceedings, ensuring that the interactions remain within the identified theme which includes editing, moving and even deleting postings.


Discussion Facilitation

The members of our forum convene to discuss specific topics and it is the duty of the moderator to encourage lively debate and discussion that is enriching to all participants. The moderator also answers questions that may arise in the course of the discussion. 


Thematic Control

It is up to the moderator to ensure that the discussion stays within the trans and non-binary thematic parameters. In the event that the forum appears to be straying, the moderator guides the discussion back to the theme. Therefore, moderators ought to be knowledgeable about the themes they present for discussion.


Orderly Conduct

It is the responsibility of a moderator to maintain order during discussions and to see to it that all participants behave with courtesy. Forums involve the exchange of ideas whereby participants air their views and sometimes engage in debates about the identified topics. Therefore, there is a possibility of the discussion becoming unruly particularly where the forum topic is controversial. Moderators order the forum by keeping the discussion civil and constructive. They share the rules of this forum, which prohibits abusive language, derogatory comments and such other offensive behavior.


Content Relevance

A moderator has authority to determine the content of a forum so that it is relevant. The moderator can edit the content of the discussion, move contributions that are not directly related to a given topic and even delete contributions that are not relevant. The moderator also protects the integrity of the discussion by doing away with contributions that are unlawful or illegal in any way such as defamatory statements and copyright infringements. Forums gain more popularity when the content therein is consistently relevant to participants.


This post discusses the principal mind-set and basic role of moderators on our forums, we are in the process of writing a standard list of processes that will help you operate and implement the transgender hub forum policies on a day to day basis.


{ Living Post: This a living post, which means, it will be updated periodically by admins when necessary to include latest policies and guidelines for moderators. }

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