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When You Say “I Would Never Date A Trans Person,” It’s Transphobic. Here’s Why.  


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20/09/2017 12:09 pm  

Original article here:


 (all credits to the author of course)


 I simply wanted to create a short version that explains the point in a simple, fast way for when needed.
By the way this is a work in progress, if you find that some other phrasing fits better please write it down below! 🙂


Having a preference is like loving girls with glasses or not being able to stand vaginas.

Being transphobic is like when you learn that this cute girl with glasses is trans, you will suddenly not find her attractive anymore. Being transphobic is like when this charming man you talk to at the gym comes out to you at your first date as trans, and all your interest for him goes away at the thought that he once had, and still might have, a vagina.

What is the real difference between a gender transition and a tonsil removal, in the far past? I mean, socially. If you really see transmen as men and transwomen as women, there's not much of a difference. In both cases it doesn't become relevant to disclose until much further in the relationship too.

But if you don't see transmen as men, and transwomen as women, there is a huge difference between those two things socially.

Society has everybody built and raised with a hate and fear of things that challenge the gender=sex idea, and that explains people's repulsion to trans folks, not a personal preference.

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01/05/2018 9:55 pm  

I don’t know if I’m straight or bi, but I would go out with a trans if the attraction was there.  


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