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Trying on clothes  


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04/08/2017 1:16 am  

I have had varied experience trying on clothes in various locations. You know, from the incredulous stares, the outright hostility, to the very helpful, and the downright giddy that they have any customer at all.

I would like to point out (to those of us who aren't rich, and don't like ordering online in 3 sizes, just to send them all back and order two more sizes) one of the chains I have found that really don't give you any hassle, don't give you any odd looks, and will help you with useful comments, but only if you ask.  It's not a place you might consider a chain, but it has gotten so much better in the last few years. Goodwill.

Yes, that place.

Now, I'm a big girl, and need 3x, so often there isn't a lot of selection (And only once were there shoes in my size, of course, black.) to be had. But what is there is clean, separated into "Plus sizes" for those of us who fit that description, and you can try on up to six items at a time.

Check them out! You can save a bundle, and get something really cute.


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