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Crossdressing - A Phase Or a Solution?  


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07/07/2017 10:08 am  

I think that every transgender person went through a phase of crossdressing. True, or not? When someone is identified as a transgender person, one of the first recommendations is experiment living in the gender of preference for some time, usually an year, before engaging in HRT and SRS. Crossdressing is the most common way to go. And some transgender people find crossdressing as the perfect solution for a balanced lifestyle. A compromise that fulfills their desired lifestyle. So in crossdressing a final solution? For how many of you  crossdressing was just a phase in the path towards a more advanced balance on life?

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Katherine Chenneĺl
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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10/08/2017 1:03 am  

Hi all:

I don't think it's only a stop on the way to full transformation, although it is certainly a way-station for many. From my (internet, so always suspect) research, somewhere between 50% and 90% of crossdressers are completely heterosexual males. I'm one, I just like wearing what my wife and I call "Girl Clothes." 

There is no desire to be a woman other than to wear the clothes and enjoy the feelings they give me. And to be able to stay in or go out and have fun wearing them. It's not a sexual turn on either, I just like to look pretty. When I look down in the shower and see painted toes, I get a warm feeling about the prettiness.

I am also gentler when I am a woman. Perhaps if Trump and Kim Jong Il would just crossdress a bit, we could avoid all of this measuring contest.

I do note that I say "when I am a woman" and "when I am a man" so in that sense, I am transgender. But my desire for women (OK, just desire the one, but I do look at all the rest, I'm not dead.) is not diminished. And I would not want to be a woman all the time. 

All that to say, that, no, I don't think it's that people get satisfied with being transgendered at the crossdressing stage, but rather that some (what percentage, I have no idea) are only into wearing clothes of the other gender and feeling pretty.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Adeline Jay
She/Her/Hers when I am a woman.

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27/05/2018 12:24 am  

Hi, I'm just a newbie here but I do enjoy the different points of view on the form. I thought I'd jump in and give maybe the middle of the road point of view.  I consider myself a cross dresser transgender (for right now). Un-like Adeline, I do get some what turned on by the cross dressing, especially if I get a new and good fitting outfit. And just like Adeline stated, I like "feeling pretty"..

However,  lately I do feel the urge to maybe go beyond just that. I feel "right" dressed as a woman and I find myself being drawn to do so more and more often. I like trying on new make up and being as feminine as possible. I am always looking for ways to get the "right figure" (hour glass rather than straight up and down), more appropriate amounts of make up (less clownish)  and I'm trying to walk more like a woman and I'm doing some voice training at home.

It's strange that Adeline pointed out about feeling gentler, I too feel calmer and "gentler", when I'm dressed up.  Maybe it's because we feel "happy" and have that warm fuzzy feeling when we are dressed up that does it.

I am still a heterosexual man (for now) but I do like the looks of the more feminine cross dresser and other trans-persons, and yes, there is no doubt that they do "turn me on".  I do believe if I met the right transgendered individual that status could change. So technically I consider myself bi-curios for the time being.

I don't know what the percentage of cross dressers feel the same I do but it is one reason why I am here.


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