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27/06/2017 12:39 pm  

This is one of our very first posts on the transgender hub community forum and the #1 thing is firstly to welcome everybody to the forum. We thought long and hard before launching this forum, we understood their was a need for a diverse discussion space in the transgender community, we polled followers of our website and facebook page to give us guidance; we arrived here with the understanding that the trans community want a forum that discusses real everyday issues, transition support, helpful resources, news, community events, places to go, and such like. The overriding aim and goals of this forum is the giving of help, support and genuine interaction with other transgender individuals within a safe and supportive environment that is easy to use and moreover welcomes people of all ages.

This forum has the aim to grow into a hub of members that provide real advice for other transgender people who want to learn and understand important issues through the experiences and lives of others.

Please enjoy interacting with the transgender hub forum members and we thank you for being part of our community.

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