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The Transgender Hub Forum Mission Statement:

A Forum For All Transgender People

I am Coren Thompson and with my partner Val, in early 2016 we founded the news and advice portal called the ‘Transgender Hub, a site which is dedicated to the transgender community. We are two trans women with a passion for supporting our community though trans-formative information and education.

The Website:

The ‘Transgender Hub’ is not just another boring old website, we like to be creative and expressive in our content to hopefully engage and inspire transgender people around the globe. We try and use collaboration with educators and writers, bringing ideas and perspectives together about important topics and projects.

The ‘Transgender Hub’ and forum covers a broad spectrum of topics; community news articles, personal discussions, reference material, advice on all areas of transition, community resources and so much more.

The Forum:

We recently created the 'Transgender Hub Forum', the reason being we were being told by our site visitors and friends that the transgender, non-binary, and crossdressing community really wanted a place to hangout and discuss real life issues.

The transgender hub forum is born, as 2 individuals we cannot operate the forum on our own, we fund it ourselves as it is a not for profit forum, we need to ask our forum visitors to contribute with their life experiences, knowledge and questions. Please get involved, help your community and join us today.

Let me give just a little away about myself. My name is Coren and my transition dates back to 1997, at the age of 29, I went through the seemingly endless process of gender counselling for some 7 years and gender confirmation surgery when I was 34.

My road to womanhood had many ups and downs, supposedly all good life lessons, and my life today is so different from the gender dysphoria and depression that was a big part of my life pre-transition. My partner Val is also a post-op transgender female, we found love together in our joint experiences, both our feelings bring into line the need to help others navigate the sometimes difficult path through being transgender and transition.

We operate the ‘Transgender Hub’ under these 3 guiding principles:

We want a place where the views and expressions of transgender people are expressed and heard without compromise or censor.

A place which is supportive of the transgender community, forming collaborations and helping the funding of community related projects. We want a place where relatives and families of transgender people can feel confident to visit.

We welcome everybody to come and visit the transgender hub today, we want you to have a good look through our forum, maybe you want to contribute by adding your own topic, or join and add your own profile, or even just reply to other members, however we want you to feel included and supported though our online community based forum.

We launched this transgender forum on June 26th 2017:

Please keep in mind that if you are visiting this page in the early months from launch that there may not be an enormous amount of members or indeed topics and discussions. This is where you come in, any forum has to grow, we can't have thousands of members, or topics, or discussion from day 1, we need all the help we can get from the community. So, we are asking you nicely to please signup and for you to be a founding member and contributor to the forum.

Please do not just navigate away from the forum because it seems a little light on content.

We kindly invite you to be one of those people who help make this the new #1 transgender hangout. Thank you for listening to us and we would so welcome you to join, after registration please go to our introductions forum and let everyone else know just a little bit about yourself.

It is so easy to join now, we have a simple one click Facebook registration and login, just click the Facebook icon and you become a member, it could not be easier.

Please register on the forum today, and after you login then kindly tell us a little about yourself:


See you on the inside 🙂

Coren Thompson {Administrator}


P.S: Until our new member messaging system is available you can contact Val through her Facebook profile if you want to discuss helping in any way:

If you can't help with contibuting to the forum discussions then please think about a donation as we would be eternally grateful as this helps to both maintain and grow the forum, see our footer.


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