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[Closed] One Click Facebook Registration and Login  


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01/07/2017 6:42 am  

One Click Facebook Registration and Login - Please Complete Your Profile

Due to a high number of users requesting Facebook integration we have introduced a one click FB registration and Login, you will see the Facebook icon on both of the main login and registration pages, it is now super simple to use this new feature. We understood the mobile users do not always want a complicated password login so this new feature now makes everyone's life simpler.

If you have already registered on the forum using the traditional register method then don't worry, the next time you want to login and use the Facebook method, just go to the main forum menu 'Login' page, click the Facebook login button,  and providing your email is the same on Facebook as your initial registered address our system will automatically link your accounts.


Next Step - Complete Your Member Profile (Important):

Please complete your profile,  found via menu ( My Profile -> Account ) this is very important.


Due to Facebook registration policies you will land on this page after using the 'Facebook Login Registration' button, we need you to now do the following:

Please go to your FORUM PROFILE PAGE, which you can find in the main forum menu (My Profile -> Account) and we ask that you please complete this profile.

Most importantly we would ask that you make sure you have a profile picture (Avatar), check and/or fill out name and nickname details, social settings, and your about me section.

Optional: You can add a member signature which can contain a little description of yourself, or maybe your favorite quote, or even mention what your likes and dislikes are. Your signature is shown under all your post replies and forum answers.


Facebook style messaging: We are very shortly about to introduce a feature that offers Facebook style messaging between members, this will allow users to interact more easily and is one more reason you should have your profile pic and all the details in your profile completed as soon as possible.

We thank you for registering and/or logging into the forum, we only ask that you kindly make sure your user profile is complete 🙂



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